World Cruising Routes and Voyage Planner

Sailing World Cruising Routes - Jimmy Cornell

Planning an ocean voyage on a sailboat requires careful preparation and research. You need to consider factors such as the route, the weather, the equipment, the crew, the budget, and the safety measures. Here are two resources you can’t go without.

World Cruising Routes

World Cruising Routes is the go-to guidebook for long-distance navigators, cruisers, and sailors. It contains over 1,000 routes to destinations all over the globe rich with essential weather information, waypoints, and advice for safe passage making.

“Some routes start as a dream and end as a nightmare.” The first sentence in World Cruising Routes sets the stage for the rest of the book – how to plan your routes for successful passages. The contents include:

  • Winds and currents of each major ocean and sea.
  • Routes in the Atlantic Ocean are divided into North Atlantic, transequatorial routes, and South Atlantic.
  • Routes in the Pacific Ocean are divided into North Pacific, far east, transequatorial, and South Pacific.
  • Routes of the Indian Ocean are divided into North Atlantic, transequatorial, and South Indian Ocean.
  • Routes in the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.
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World Voyage Planner

This book is a comprehensive strategy and informational guide for planning a voyage. It takes the sailor from any port to wherever they’d like to go.

The contents of World Voyage Planner includes:

  • World Weather Patterns Month by Month, Ocean by Ocean
  • Planning an Ocean Voyage to the Caribbean from different continents
  • Routes to the Mediterranean Sea from All Major Ports in the World
  • Planning Voyages to North America and Northern Europe
  • How to Sail to South America and Antarctica
  • Voyage planning to South Africa
  • Circumnavigations of various Oceans and Sea
  • Pacific Routes to Fiji, Mexico, Asia, Australia, and Other Destinations
  • Route planning in the Indian Ocean
  • And an Entire Section on Global Circumnavigation

The book is designed to guide the sailor in planning large voyages. It’s meant to be a companion to the World Cruising Routes.

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