Engine Down, Oar Broke, Ahhh the Cruising Life

Sailing Unforgettable - Cruising Life for a Day

With an engine down and now a broken oar, this video gives quite a glimpse into what cruising life is like. All from a couple who remodeled an old sailboat, upgraded to a newer sailboat – only to lose her in a storm!

VIDEO: This is what cruising on a sailboat looks like (Unforgettable Sailing)

Video Description: “This is what CRUISING on a sailboat looks like | BOAT LIFE ⛵ We’ve been living and cruising on our sailboat for years and that’s pretty much what it looks like, beautiful islands to explore, snorkeling, clear waters, and at the same time being in tight paints when things on the boat start to break. We had to learn to balance the great and exciting moments and the frustration of having things to fix all the time.” – Unforgettable Sailing

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