Spinnaker Fails, What? Why? How?

Spinnaker Problems and Mistakes - Spinnaker Fail Videos

Spinnakers are known for problems – they can quickly become overpowered, the sailboat can breech, or they are just a hassle to hoist. Regardless of the problem, there are really only three common mishaps – each of which can be avoided with a bit of prevention. Here are the three most common spinnaker mistakes you … Read more

Basic Sailing Knots Every Sailor Must Know

orange rope wrapped brown wood log

Here are 5 basic sailing knots that every sailor must know. These sailing knots are essential for beginners to learn, and every ol’ salt uses one or more of these knots every day on a sailboat. They’ll save your sails, ensure a good mooring, and might even save a life. So what are the most … Read more

Essential Sailing Gear for Getting Started

Essential Sailing Gear when getting started in a sailboat

We’re going to make this simple – a list of essential sailing gear to help you get started sailing. This covers the basic sailing attire, safety gear, and sailing items for crew. Clothing for Sailing You won’t need all of these items to get started sailing, but you will experience conditions that’ll make you think … Read more