Sailboat Solar Systems and How-To

Sunshine on a Sailboat - Solar Energy Solar Panels

Solar on a sailboat goes together like hands and gloves, but sailboat solar systems can be installed in a variety of ways. The solar components themselves create an infinite combination of possibilities for off-grid sailing. Victron Energy chargers, Renogy Panels, Sunpower Yachts, BlueSea Systems, and many more brands have entered the marketplace, and that’s not … Read more

Sailboat of the Year 2022

What are the best sailboats this year? Crusing World and Sail Magazine both put together a list a few months back of their best sailboats and catamarans. This article will combine these lists and find which sailboats came out on top of their peers this year. Nominees for best sailboat of 2022 include: Bavaria C38 … Read more

Is Solar The Future of Sailboats?

Is Solar the Future of Sailboat Design

Sailboats have a tradition of being in tune with nature, using the energy of nature to make way. It’s a technology as old as the pyramids, yet as hip as contemporary tree-hugging. But, is there a different future for sailboats? A future geared toward solar electric propulsion more than sail power? I mean, what’s the … Read more

Hans Christian 41 – Sailboats for Serious Cruising


The name Hans Christian is classic in the world of sailboat cruising. They are rugged boats with well-thought accommodations. Bluewaterboats.org puts it this way: Still available today under special order, the Hans Christian 41 Traditional was first introduced in 1985. The name Hans Christian conjures up associations with boats that are heavy, sometimes slow, but … Read more

What is the Crash Stop on a Sailboat MOB?

Quick Stop MOB Maneuver

The crash stop, or quick stop, is a man overboard tactic for sailboats, and it could very well save your crew’s life! Typically people are taught various MOB (man overboard) maneuvers in sailing schools. The most popular in some schools is the figure eight. However, this MOB maneuver is slow and takes the sailboat away … Read more

A little about Sailboat Life

Sailboat Life - Online Magazine and Cruisers Community

Sailboat Life is an online magazine for modern liveaboards, sailboat cruisers, and family sailors. From offshore passages, to island hopping, to marina life, and extended sailboat voyaging, we hope to share timely stories filled with actionable ideas and tactics to help you enjoy the Sailboat Life! This is our first post, and many more to … Read more