Why are Skeg Hung Rudders Good for Ocean Sailing?

Skeg-Hung Rudder and Dual Keels Support the Weight of this Sailboat

Skeg-hung rudders are good for ocean sailing because they provide good steering control and stability, even in rough conditions. The skeg, which is a vertical fin that projects below the hull of the boat, helps to keep the rudder from being damaged by waves or other obstacles. Why Ocean Sailboats Need a Skeg-Hung Rudder Here … Read more

Why Are Orcas Attacking Sailboats? Killer Whale vs. Sailing Vessels

Photo of Killer Whale Attacking the Stern Rudder of a Sailboat

Ten killer whale attacks over the past 12 months. That’s more than a series of accidents – orcas are attacking sailboats near Portugal and Spain. But why are killer whales attacking and sinking sailboats? Video: Researchers debate why orcas are attacking and sinking boats Speaker 2I’d say this is some pretty extraordinary orca behavior. These … Read more

Top Tips for Offshore Sailing Safety

Top Tips for Offshore Cruising Safety - Sailboat Life

Yes, your sailboat must be seaworthy, but maybe more important than that is understanding these tips for offshore sailing safety. These are the offshore sailing skills – the seamanship – that can keep your crew safe while sailing offshore. Safety When Sailing Offshore When you decide to leave the shipping lanes, the coastlines, and common … Read more