Sailboat Solar Systems and How-To

Sunshine on a Sailboat - Solar Energy Solar Panels

Solar on a sailboat goes together like hands and gloves, but sailboat solar systems can be installed in a variety of ways. The solar components themselves create an infinite combination of possibilities for off-grid sailing. Victron Energy chargers, Renogy Panels, Sunpower Yachts, BlueSea Systems, and many more brands have entered the marketplace, and that’s not … Read more

Is Solar The Future of Sailboats?

Is Solar the Future of Sailboat Design

Sailboats have a tradition of being in tune with nature, using the energy of nature to make way. It’s a technology as old as the pyramids, yet as hip as contemporary tree-hugging. But, is there a different future for sailboats? A future geared toward solar electric propulsion more than sail power? I mean, what’s the … Read more