2 Women Sailors Worth Following

Sailing Women Worth Following Sailboat Life 700 x 350

With waves crashing over the sailboat and wind blowing 30 knots, Rosalin Kuiper captions her video, “Such a pleasure sailing like this. 30kn of wind and big waves, but the boat is performing very well and we are leading the fleet. Top boat speed of today 36,6kn.” Yeah that’s worth a follow. This post has … Read more

Sailing Avocet

Sailing Avocet Marissa in a bikini Chris at the bow

Aboard a 1979 Cheoy Lee, 41′ sailboat, Marissa and Chris are exploring the US West Coast with dreams of going beyond. “Hey! We are Captain Marissa and Chris, the crew of our 1979 Cheoy Lee 41’ Avocet. We have been living aboard since 2018 doing numerous projects up until we cast off in the fall … Read more

Sailing Doodles Bikini

Sailing Doodles Bikini

Sailing Doodles bikinis – I mean, it’s not so much a sailing channel as it is a bikini channel. So we figured we’d play along, and share some of Sailing Doodles best bikinis right here! Whether you get a peek of Taylor modeling the Sailing Doodles Bikini or you see his myriad of women in bikinis … Read more