Is Solar The Future of Sailboats?

Is Solar the Future of Sailboat Design

Sailboats have a tradition of being in tune with nature, using the energy of nature to make way. It’s a technology as old as the pyramids, yet as hip as contemporary tree-hugging. But, is there a different future for sailboats? A future geared toward solar electric propulsion more than sail power? I mean, what’s the difference between solar energy and wind energy? It’s still natural and sustainable.

Rigs and sails take a lot of space, and that space could very well be used for solar panels, batteries, and electric motors. In theory, you could “sail” the world without wind and without a drop of diesel. Simply follow the sun (and wind turbines). Equator routes provide plenty of solar energy and calm seas for electric motoring.

What do you think?

The Wynns, Nikki and Jason from Gone With The Wynns, have their thoughts on the issue. They’re so passionate about the topic that they’re selling Curiosity, a 43 foot Leopard Catamaran, in search of their dream yacht. A dream that’s filled with futuristic power sources.

04:11 Hybrid Electric Propulsion
04:17 Performance Catamaran
05:17 Huge Lithium Battery Bank
05:49 Renewable Energy: Solar & Hydro
06:38 Rain Capture System
07:28 All Electric Galley (Kitchen)
07:57 Forward Facing Nav w/ 360 View
08:31 Proper Desk & Workstation
09:23 Workshop w/ Storage & Bench
10:11 Comforts of Home

So what do you think about this must-have list? Does it represent the sailboat of the future?

Not a single item in their list has to do with seaworthiness. Electric this and electric that. Comfort here and comfort there.

I mean, if you consider traveling on light to no wind days, and use solar energy as your propulsion method it could work right? Consider how lost-cost solar panels and solar equipment is these days. Here are two examples:

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    Those solar panels are less than $100 and only ten years ago, they’d be triple the amount. It’s almost too good to be true. Do you think this is the future of sailboats?

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