Sailing Doodles Bikini

Sailing Doodles Bikini

Sailing Doodles bikinis – I mean, it’s not so much a sailing channel as it is a bikini channel. So we figured we’d play along, and share some of Sailing Doodles best bikinis right here!

Whether you get a peek of Taylor modeling the Sailing Doodles Bikini or you see his myriad of women in bikinis as “crew”, here are some of the best Sailing Doodles Bikinis!

Steph @psychodelicdaydream showing off her bikini body on the catamaran day bed from @navigareyachting in the Bahamas!

How is it that Sailing Doodles is never short of crew?

Here are Megan and Flor, two crewmates for Sailing Doodles frolicking in their bikinis. Check out this video below.

There’s not much better than life on tropical islands, and sailing there on your own boat!

This bikini is gorgeous, but really the photograph is also top-notch. The sunshine on her skin, the beach into the background, the water splashing on the rocks, her smile as she strolls. What do you think?

And now we head into the jungle with Amanda, “Traipsing through the jungle of Belize in search of monkeys!”

Is Amanda in Belize or Puerto Rico above? Sure, she’s in a leopard bikini, but where?

The pictures below show Amanda at the helm in Belize. You should give her a follow on Instagram.

Are you convinced yet as to whether Sailing Doodles is actually much to do with sailing? Neither are we.

Sailing Doodles Bikini

Here’s a bit of fun on the dinghy with @MegBink.

So Bobby likes to take photos. Maybe his channel should be named Sailing Doodles Bikinis?

But now, he’s in a powerboat. Maybe he should rebrand Power Bikinis?

Here’s a cool picture of Taylor Francis diving underwater.

It’s always cool to see underwater shots.

Or on the beach…

Credit: Doodles Instagram

Enjoying a day on the beach in the USVI. How does Sailing Doodles get to all these great locations?

And another Bikini, this one from White Water Life.

This one is back at the sandbar in Puerto Rico!

And here’s pic from the other side of the ocean! Just another Sailing Doodles Bikini.

Sailing Doodles has crew with bikinis.
Crewmate in Bikini
Pictures of Sailing Doodle Crew in Bikinis
Double Crew

What did you think about the bikinis? Is Sailing Doodles really a sailing show? Drop us a comment down below.

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