Sailboat Hanging From Rudder, Stuck on the Dock

Sailboat Stuck on Rudder Dock - sailboat life Tiktok

There has to be a better way, but this sailboat was literally stuck on top of the dock – hanging from its rudder!

When watching the video, all you can hear is the sledgehammer pinging and pounding on the rudder. The sailboat (which appears to be a Jeanneau Voyage, correct me in the comments) is hanging from its rudder. The bow of the sailboat points down into the harbor and a tow boat pulls hard.\

But it won’t budge. So the sledgehammer keeps pounding. The whole weight of the boat resting on the fin rudder, which is just waiting to be pried from the dock.

“So many questions,” the original poster says. Yes. Like was it a high tide that caused the sailboat to float onto the dock? Was it unable to float away because the rudder was stuck?

Sailboat Hanging on Rudder, Stuck on Dock

Most of the comments found it humorous saying things like, “That piece wasn’t needed anyway.” “For sale, used boat. May or may not pull to one direction.”

A few comments suggested the sailboat could have gotten off its rudder with a crane. One person was concerned the hull was cracked.

What do you see in the video? Why did it get stuck here? Is there a better way to get it off?

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  1. Brenda Avatar

    Yikes, I’d hate for that to happen to us. Maybe the dock was underwater and he drove up on it?

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