Hurricane Planning Worksheet

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Boat owners from Maine to Texas have reason to become edgy in the late summer and fall: Each year, on average, two hurricanes will come ashore somewhere along the Gulf or Atlantic coast, destroying homes, sinking boats, and turning people’s lives topsy-turvy for weeks, or even months. This year, who knows? Florida is struck almost twice as often, but every coastal state is a potential target.*

The first step in securing your sailboat for hurricane season is to develop a plan. A good plan will cover everything from contact information, to bridge openings, to snubber equipment.

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Recommended Reading for Hurricane Prep

Hearst Marine Books. The Complete Book of Anchoring and Mooring, Second Edition, by Earl Hinz. 331 pages.

Cornell Maritime Press. Seaworthy, by Bob Adriance. 268 Pages. International Marine/McGraw-Hill.

Staying safe during a hurricane means preparing for extreme forces from waves, wind, tidal surge, and rain. These forces are beyond what is normally experienced by mariners. We recommend reading this article from Boat US for more information.

*Source: Boat US, 2022

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