How Much Does it Cost to Live on a Sailboat?

How much does it cost live on sailboat - Millennial Falcon

How much does it cost to live on a sailboat? Well, that depends on whether you’re living aboard in a marina or living on the hook. If you’re asking how much does it cost to travel on a sailboat, or how much does it cost to cruise the Bahamas, well, those are each different questions.

So to keep it simple let’s take a few different perspectives from sailors who live on their sailboats. Let’s see how much it cost them to live aboard.

How Much Does It Really Cost To Live on a Sailboat?

So how much does it really cost? This full-time cruising family shares their expenses living on a bluewater sailboat.

Live Cheap for a Year on a Sailboat

They’re living year-round on a sailboat at Sailing Balachandra. And they’re doing it on a budget…actually doing it on the cheap. So what are their costs?

VIDEO: Sailing Balachandra Cost of Living Cheap on a Sailboat

What Are the Monthly Expenses on a Sailboat?

They moved from RV life to cruising full-time on their catamaran. It’s not a low-cost boat, but they purchased it pre-owned for about $300,000. That said, what are their monthly expenses living on a sailboat?

Watch the video below: How Much It REAALY Costs to Live on a Boat (Our Monthly Expenses)

Hope these videos help you decide how much it costs to live on a boat. You can see the costs vary depending on sailboat, location, and what you actually do. We’d love to hear your thoughts and any questions you have. Drop a comment down below.

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