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The name Hans Christian is classic in the world of sailboat cruising. They are rugged boats with well-thought accommodations. Bluewaterboats.org puts it this way:

Still available today under special order, the Hans Christian 41 Traditional was first introduced in 1985. The name Hans Christian conjures up associations with boats that are heavy, sometimes slow, but always seakindly; boats that are laden with teak and luxury interiors wrapped into the form of a traditionally styled of a canoe-stern double ender. We’re talking big bowsprits, high bulwarks, butterfly hatches, husky bronze fittings and a kind of character that speaks of seaworthiness that has its roots in American popularity with the introduction of the Crealock’s Westsail 32 in 1973

The Hans Christian 41 is a sailboat for serious cruising, weighing in at 40,000lbs and a modified full keel with full skeg hung rudder.

Vide: 1989 Hans Christian 41 For Sale
Layout of Hans Christian 41

Seaworthy Design Attributes:

  • Modified Full Keel
  • Encapsulated Lead Ballast
  • Full Skey Hung Rudder
  • Cutter Rig
  • Comfort Ratio: 46.20
  • Capsize Screening: 1.62

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