Hangkai: Chinese Outboard Motor Review

Is Hangkai a reliable outboard motor? This review of the Hangkai outboard motor will help you decide if the motor is worth buying.

You need a motor for your dinghy – an outboard motor that can reliably get you to shore, help you provision, and take you to the reef for a day of snorkeling.

But you don’t want to break the bank with a $3000 brand name – Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha, etc.

That’s where the Chinese outboard motors come in. In this review, we share 4 options that are worth considering.

The Hangkai motor in this video doesn’t represent all of the Hangkai outboard motor brand. There are updated motors that look like “regular” motors – not just a weed eater lawncare motor.

Hangkai Two Stroke Motors

Two-stroke motors are known for their reliability, light weight, and longevity. They’re also known to be noisy and consume more fuel than their 4-stroke counterparts.

Hangkai offers several two-stroke motors worth considering: the 6hp and the 18hp Hangkai motors both of which are available from Amazon:

Let’s talk about a few items to consider when shopping Hangkai two-stroke motors.

Purchased through Amazon with quick turnaroundLack the support of purchasing through a local distributor
AffordableLimited user reviews
Two-stroke design is simple to repairUnknown brand
Two-stroke is rugged and easy to manufactureNegative reviews

So there’s a bit of risk buying a Hangkai. It’s the risk of the unknown. Is the brand trustworthy? Will it last the course of a decade like a Yamaha, a Honda, or a Suzuki?

But then, the motors are so affordable, that you’re not risking as much as if you spent $2000 or $3000.

Hangkai 18hp Outboard 2-Stroke Motor

If you search Amazon, or if you Google it, you might have a hard time finding the Hangkai 18hp Outboard Motor. So here are two links that can work for you:

18HP 2 Stroke Outboard Motor, Water Cooling System Boat Motor Heavy Duty Boat Engine – $1780

NICECHOOSE Outboard Motor, 2 Stroke 2.5HP – 18HP Heavy Duty Outboard Motor Inflatable Fishing Boat Engine with Air/Water Cooling System – US Shipping – $1760

Description of the Hangkai 18hp – Warning, the grammar in these descriptions is poor and is original from the seller. Hangkai does

  • Water cooling technology to improve the reliability of the whole machine.
  • Easy to wear parts are standard parts of gasoline engines, all over the sale.
  • But very cheap, the company is also very spare parts.

Did you see that?

The description provided for the Hangkai 18hp motor said, “…very cheap, the company is also very spare parts.”

Kinda strange.

What do you think?

Is the Hangkai outboard motor worth buying? Is Hangkai a good value or a cheap risk? Leave us your thoughts in the discussion below.

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