Does This Make You Want to Sell Your House for a Sailboat?


Sell the house. Buy a sailboat. Hey, that’s what we’re all about here at Sailboat Life. Some folks are selling their homes to live on a sailboat, but why? What makes them want to do it? Would you do it?

Does this video make you want to sell your house to live on a sailboat?

Source: YouTube Sailing La Vagabond

“This week, join us for some epic sailing, deep water tuna fishing and all the reasons why Riles and I would say YES to selling up and setting sail! With our reasons based off of our own experiences and those of sailors we’ve met along the way, we’re curious to know if you’d consider any of them worthy.”

Well, not every time you sell a house to buy a sailboat works. However, there are plenty of people doing it (see below).

What do you think are these worthy reasons to sell your house and cruise the seas?

6 Other Videos of Families Selling the House to Live on a Sailboat

Sold their house in Utah to buy a sailboat.
Family sailing around the world for 9 years.
Sold the house and put an offer on Morgan 45.
Couple sells everything and then sinks their sailboat, Oops!
Sell everything and travel for a year.
24 hours on a sailboat as a family.

Yeah, so what do you think? Is it worth it to sell your houses and buy a sailboat? Drop us a comment below.

2 responses to “Does This Make You Want to Sell Your House for a Sailboat?”

  1. Alison Avatar

    Yes! Definitely. But currently paying other bills.

  2. Denis Dimanche Avatar
    Denis Dimanche

    I want to but how could I continue affording it? I guess, buy the sailboat but not travel much. That way I could grab jobs here and there. That’d work for me.

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