Dead Calm, Middle of the Southern Ocean, No Engine

Kirsten Neuschafer GGR Solo Sailor

It’s dead calm, limited water, and you in the Southern Ocean – the world’s toughest sea to sail. Oh, and you have no engine. That’s what solo sailor Kirsten Neuschäfer is experiencing as she tries to circumnavigate the globe on a 34-foot sailboat this year.


In Kirsten’s Words:

“This is taking calms to new extremes. Absolutely like a mirror. One could call it lucky or unlucky. Depending on how one wants to deal with the situation. Seeing as though we cannot command the weather. Might as well sit back and enjoy. Yep, that’s it. Dead calm.”

Why no engine?

You see, it’s all part of the race, the Golden Globe Race. It’s a solo sailing that happens every four years since the 1960s.

The rules limit sailors to 30-36 feet, no modern conveniences, and no engine. They are allowed a couple of stops to haul out and make repairs. Apart from that and a VHF, they’re on their own for 200-400 days!!

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