Hans Christian 41 – Sailboats for Serious Cruising


The name Hans Christian is classic in the world of sailboat cruising. They are rugged boats with well-thought accommodations. Bluewaterboats.org puts it this way: Still available today under special order, the Hans Christian 41 Traditional was first introduced in 1985. The name Hans Christian conjures up associations with boats that are heavy, sometimes slow, but … Read more

Sailing in Norway During Winter


It takes a special person to single-hand a sailboat for multiple days offshore. Sam Holmes is just this type of person. Sam has sailed the Pacific, the US coast, and the North Atlantic. In this episode, Sam sails Norway. What did people say about the sail? What an amazing berth man. Literally under a waterfall … Read more

Basic Sailing Knots Every Sailor Must Know

orange rope wrapped brown wood log

Here are 5 basic sailing knots that every sailor must know. These sailing knots are essential for beginners to learn, and every ol’ salt uses one or more of these knots every day on a sailboat. They’ll save your sails, ensure a good mooring, and might even save a life. So what are the most … Read more

Essential Sailing Gear for Getting Started

Essential Sailing Gear when getting started in a sailboat

We’re going to make this simple – a list of essential sailing gear to help you get started sailing. This covers the basic sailing attire, safety gear, and sailing items for crew. Clothing for Sailing You won’t need all of these items to get started sailing, but you will experience conditions that’ll make you think … Read more

Sailing from Phuket on a Catamaran

Sailing in Thailand with Sailing Doodles - Sexy Skipper in a Bikini

In this video, Sailing Doodles sails away on the new catamaran from Phuket south to Koh Racha and the Thailand islands. In this video, Sailing Doodles sails away on the new catamaran from Phuket south to Koh Racha and the Thailand islands. Phuket province is located in southern Thailand. It is the biggest Island of … Read more

What is the Crash Stop on a Sailboat MOB?

Quick Stop MOB Maneuver

The crash stop, or quick stop, is a man overboard tactic for sailboats, and it could very well save your crew’s life! Typically people are taught various MOB (man overboard) maneuvers in sailing schools. The most popular in some schools is the figure eight. However, this MOB maneuver is slow and takes the sailboat away … Read more

A little about Sailboat Life

Sailboat Life - Online Magazine and Cruisers Community

Sailboat Life is an online magazine for modern liveaboards, sailboat cruisers, and family sailors. From offshore passages, to island hopping, to marina life, and extended sailboat voyaging, we hope to share timely stories filled with actionable ideas and tactics to help you enjoy the Sailboat Life! This is our first post, and many more to … Read more