Top Tips for Offshore Sailing Safety

Top Tips for Offshore Cruising Safety - Sailboat Life

Yes, your sailboat must be seaworthy, but maybe more important than that is understanding these tips for offshore sailing safety. These are the offshore sailing skills – the seamanship – that can keep your crew safe while sailing offshore. Safety When Sailing Offshore When you decide to leave the shipping lanes, the coastlines, and common … Read more

Engine Down, Oar Broke, Ahhh the Cruising Life

Sailing Unforgettable - Cruising Life for a Day

With an engine down and now a broken oar, this video gives quite a glimpse into what cruising life is like. All from a couple who remodeled an old sailboat, upgraded to a newer sailboat – only to lose her in a storm! Video Description: “This is what CRUISING on a sailboat looks like | … Read more

Sailboat Solar Systems and How-To

Sunshine on a Sailboat - Solar Energy Solar Panels

Solar on a sailboat goes together like hands and gloves, but sailboat solar systems can be installed in a variety of ways. The solar components themselves create an infinite combination of possibilities for off-grid sailing. Victron Energy chargers, Renogy Panels, Sunpower Yachts, BlueSea Systems, and many more brands have entered the marketplace, and that’s not … Read more

Sailboat of the Year 2022

What are the best sailboats this year? Crusing World and Sail Magazine both put together a list a few months back of their best sailboats and catamarans. This article will combine these lists and find which sailboats came out on top of their peers this year. Nominees for best sailboat of 2022 include: Bavaria C38 … Read more

Is Solar The Future of Sailboats?

Is Solar the Future of Sailboat Design

Sailboats have a tradition of being in tune with nature, using the energy of nature to make way. It’s a technology as old as the pyramids, yet as hip as contemporary tree-hugging. But, is there a different future for sailboats? A future geared toward solar electric propulsion more than sail power? I mean, what’s the … Read more

Spinnaker Fails, What? Why? How?

Spinnaker Problems and Mistakes - Spinnaker Fail Videos

Spinnakers are known for problems – they can quickly become overpowered, the sailboat can breech, or they are just a hassle to hoist. Regardless of the problem, there are really only three common mishaps – each of which can be avoided with a bit of prevention. Here are the three most common spinnaker mistakes you … Read more