2 Women Sailors Worth Following

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With waves crashing over the sailboat and wind blowing 30 knots, Rosalin Kuiper captions her video, “Such a pleasure sailing like this. 30kn of wind and big waves, but the boat is performing very well and we are leading the fleet. Top boat speed of today 36,6kn.” Yeah that’s worth a follow.

This post has three women sailors who we think are worth a follow today.

Rosalin Kuiper

She’s an ocean racer, runs a podcast, and is co-skipper of one of the fastest ocean sailboats around! Rosalin Kuiper is worth a follow in our book.

Check out her Instagram feed here >>

We could finally move around outside on the deck and use the ‘outside toilet’ again (spot the toilet paper necklace).

I went for a full deck shower, the first one in 3 weeks.

The water temperature is 7 degrees atm and the Wim Hof technique worked perfectly! I warmed up the bottle of water in the engine bay after a charge. I washed my hair and I even put in a hair mask.

Image Credit and Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/CqAX9x2NWEo/

Sailing Vantage

Let’s slow things down from the world of ocean racing and go into the world of family cruising. Sailing Vantage is a cool family aboard a Catalina 42. And the first mate Kaitlyn is a sailor, a mom, and a super cool woman. She’s aboard with her husband Zack, two kids, and friend Crystal.

They describe themselves, as “Three adults. Two kids. One sailing dream.”

Sailing Vantage Sexy Picture

You can follow their YouTube channel where they describe themselves:

“Three young adults, with two kids, aboard one sailing boat leave the rat race behind to embark on a cruising journey of a lifetime. Starting in La Paz, Mexico we set out cruising the Sea of Cortez. Follow along our journey and watch our crew of novice sailors gain their sea-legs and explore the beauty of creation!”

Sailing Vantage Sexy Woman on Sailboat
Sailing Vantage, Sailing with Two Women a Dude and Kids!
Photo: @zachvantage
Sailing Vantage YouTube Channel with Sexy Women

Tap to watch video from Sailing Vantage.

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